Aces Weekly 36 – Negabots

Vol 36, Issue 1
His hair’s the colour of custard so they call him Mr Custa! Yeah, it’s nuts, but he was a radio star! So, what do we know..?

Vol 36, Issue 2
Mr Custa meets a really heavy metal crew….

Vol 36, Issue 3
Overwhelming odds? Plucky underdogs? It’s just like the Battle of Britain…

Vol 36, Issue 4
Amongst the ruins, Mr Custa tries not to add to them…

Vol 36, Issue 5
When being passive-aggressive is a plus…

“Great fun from writer, Philip Whitmore, with Art by Bambos Georgiou and Mychailo Kazybrid.”

© 2018 Philip Whitmore, Bambos Georgiou and Mychailo Kazybrid


This story, like all ten of the “Aces Weekly” Mr Custa web comics, was originally written as a comic strip that I doodled myself (rather badly) when I was twelve.

Obviously the characters were slightly different.

And so were the stories really, but I kept the original gist & atmosphere of the stories, for when I did the rewrites in 2013.

“NEGABOTS” originally called “ROBOTS”  was just a simple story about giant robots, until I decided to inject a little contemporary reference into the mix.

The word “Negabot” seems to be a recent buzzword that just means somebody is a buzz kill, a negative person.

So, Robots Vs Negabots was born!

Also originally, Sia was kidnapped by Tin Ton 1, and spends the rest of the story as a prisoner.

Wisely, I chose to rewrite it and move away from the usual kidnapping stories.

So Sia gets dropped when  Mr Custa shoots one of Tin Ton 1’s tentacles off.