Aces Weekly 37 – Doppelgangers

Vol 37, Issue 1
The weirdest and wackiest adventurer in comics comes face to face with danger – and it looks just like HE does!

Vol 37, Issue 2
Two of a kind? Isn’t one bad enough?

Vol 37, Issue 3
Note : the Mr Custa with the red eyes is the copy, and the one without red eyes is the real one! Though this being New Year’s Eve… well, you’d better take an extra close look, tomorrow…

Vol 37, Issue 4
It’s crazy, meaningless and chaotic. Didn’t someone say that’s what the future holds for us all?

Vol 37, Issue 5
Is it something to do with matter and anti-matter? Or… does it matter..?

© 2018 Philip Whitmore, Bambos Georgiou and Mychailo Kazybrid


This story is a basic doppelganger story.


You didn’t already work that out by the title?

Originally, this story was going to have waxwork statues too, but that was too messy (especially when they all melted).

I added a contemporary reference with the clones created by a 3D Printer.

Alternative Christmas Masthead