Aces Weekly 38 – Face Swap

Vol 38, Issue 1
Previously, on Mr Custa… Oh, forget it – here’s just two crazy villains, on the run, looking for an exit…

Vol 38, Issue 2
When wanting to be a fly on the wall turns out not to be such a good idea…

Vol 38, Issue 3
Nice legs, shame about the boat race…

Vol 38, Issue 4
Red robbery ruckus!

Vol 38, Issue 5
They’re all mixed up… but can they shake themselves out of it?

© 2019 Philip Whitmore, Bambos Georgiou and Mychailo Kazybrid


Originally called “BODY SWAP”.

Which makes more sense, because it’s the bodies that are swapped, not their faces.

I guess I just called it “Face Swap” because face swapping people & animals in photographs is a contemporary thing to do.

It suddenly occurred to me “how will the readers know they have swapped bodies, when it’s a comic and you cannot hear their original voices?”

That is why they keep their own faces.

The one with the Fly face is actually Fly.