5. Mr Custa and The Ice Palace

The sinister Ice Palace stands atop a lofty peak. And when Mr. Custa and his crew get stranded in the snow after trying to locate Sunny Paradiso, they have no choice but to seek sanctuary. Once there, its monsters, monsters, monsters all the way. And there’s even a lizard girl who looks very much like Sia. Could they be at all related…?

Mr.Custa and the Labyrinth of Mars

Story Five2009


  • Mr. Custa – Mathew Cobb
  • Sia – Sara Beamish
  • Brok – Aaron Nicholas-Wood
  • Fly / Snot / B’larg – Philip Whitmore
  • Dr Fox – Paul Clarke
  • Ti / Female Hiker – Jenii Lowe
  • Announcer – Lee Bannister
  • Music – AKM copyright free music
  • Mr. Custa Theme – Michael Skywood Clifford
  • Creator, Writer and Producer – Philip Whitmore
  • Director – Philip Whitmore

This story was originally called “IT AIN’T HALF COLD, MUM”, or “OPERATION BIG FREEZE” or just simply “THE BIG FREEZE”.

This story was originally conceived to be a comic strip, and then of course (like all the other ones I wrote) it was intended to be an animated cartoon.

Also, the original idea was that Sia had accidentally fallen into a Cloning machine and there were now hundreds of clones of Sia running about, and Mr Custa didn’t know which was the real Sia.

This was simplified to be just one lookalike (not a clone, another lizard woman called Ti)

During the time of recording, somebody told me they thought that Ti was going to become a semi-regular character that occasionally helped the crew.

I originally wanted that to be the case.

No, really I did.

I liked the character of Ti, and I wanted to see more of her.

Then I went and wrote Episode 7 to this story, and well, that ending kind of spoiled this idea. (kind of… )