Aces Weekly 52 – Game of Statues

Vol 52, Issue 1
Custa gets a surprise! And Brock turns to the hard stuff!

Vol 52, Issue 2
Crime hits Old London Town! And people are standing still for it!

Vol 52, Issue 3
Stone the crows!

Vol 52, Issue 4
Life’s looking hard for our hero…

Vol 52, Issue 5
Hard cheese or a soft landing..?

© 2021 Phil Whitmore, Bambos Georgiou and Mychailo Kazybrid

“GAME OF STATUES” Originally called “STATUES”

‘Twas suggested that I call this story “Game Of Stones” which is a good title, but not quite what I was going for.

It ISN'T a parody of “Game Of Thrones”.

Its more parodying Sherlock Holmes, because its set in Victorian London, and the villain is calling himself Moriarty.

And I vaguely remember a Holmes movie called “A Game of Shadows”.

President Madokenu originally appeared in “Mr Custa & The Invasion of The Marigold Men”.

Also, Mr Custa’s autobiography is the same book that Mr Custa is writing at the beginning of the Radio story “The Legion of Time”.

Stone me!