Aces Weekly 54 – Now or Never

Vol 54, Issue 3
An unusual proposal…

Vol 54, Issue 4
Custa in a fluster..!

Vol 54, Issue 5
Round and round and round it goes, and where it stops, nobody knows..!

Vol 54, Issue 6
Here, there, and everywhere…

Vol 54, Issue 7
The nail-biting conclusion! Or similar…

© 2021 Phil Whitmore, Bambos Georgiou, and Mychailo Kazbrid

Logo from the Christmas Edition
“NOW OR NEVER” Originally called “THE ETERNITY RING”

Ah! The one with the random cameos!

Yes, this one is, in a way, both extremely self indulgent, but also a very straaaange celebration of All the characters I have created thus far. Including…

“Dr StrangeGlove” -a mad scientist, who is due to get his own comic series

“Praze & Beeble”- two Victorian gentlemen, that live in a haunted house in the middle of nowhere. This one’s a bit obscure.

Also, I managed to get the very kind permission to get cameos of other people’s cartoon characters. Including…

“Murf’s Meadow” is the copyright of Des Langford

“Plastic Grannies” is the copyright of Mychailo Kazybrid

Yep! I’m mighty pleased that Murf & the Plastic Grannies are a part of my Multiverse!

Mr Custa will return…
Mr Custa Will Return…