14. Mr Custa and The Dancing Ray

Dancing has been made illegal, and Sia the tribal lizard girl is well miffed. Plus its bad news for Mr Custa’s rock career, as he’s going to have to do it almost part-time, and with nobody dancing to his music. Salvation lies with a being known as the Lord of the Dance. Is he really as evil as Mr Custa thinks?

Mr.Custa and The Dancing Ray

Story 13Produced 2011


  • Mr. Custa – Mathew Cobb
  • Sia – Sara Beamish
  • Brok – Aaron Nicholas-Wood
  • Fly / Bouncer 2 – Philip Whitmore
  • Miss Stake – Felicity Mayor
  • Bouncer 1 – Lee Bannister
  • The Lord of the Dance – Tom Savage
  • Announcer – Lee Bannister
  • Mr. Custa Theme – Michael Skywood Clifford
  • Writer – Philip Whitmore
  • Creator and Producer – Philip Whitmore
  • Director – Philip Whitmore
  • Music – AKM copyright Free Music

Originally called “LET’S DANCE”. 

This story was a conscious effort to write a more sympathetic bad guy.

A bad guy that doesn’t want to take over the world/universe/reality or destroy it.

The Lord of The Dance only wants to dance, and be happy.

Then, when the government rather randomly decides to ban dancing, he reacts in the way you’d expect.

He creates a “spiffing” ray gun that zaps people into dancing until they drop.

This story was difficult to structure, as it was originally written to be one 30 minute episode, not four 10 minute episodes with cliff-hangers.

Also, Brok wasn’t in the original script, not really.

The Lord of The Dance originally had a sidekick (called Waldo) and it was he, who was the test-subject for the dancing ray.