17 Mr Custa and The Day Of The Tripods

It all begins innocently enough. When Fly spots a Tripod stomping everything flat, Mr Custa jumps into the fray and does his thing. But then that one Tripod becomes Two Tripods… And soon, the whole of Metro City is invaded by hundreds and thousands of the three-legged metal monsters…

Mr.Custa and The Day Of The Tripods

Story 17Produced 2012


  • Mr. Custa – Mathew Cobb
  • Sia – Sara Beamish
  • Brok – Aaron Nicholas-Wood
  • Fly / Tripod – Philip Whitmore
  • Major Jump – Fred White
  • Female Hiker – Felicity Mayor
  • Tripod – Lee Bannister
  • Announcer – Lee Bannister
  • Mr. Custa Theme – Michael Skywood Clifford
  • Writer – Philip Whitmore
  • Creator and Producer – Philip Whitmore
  • Director – Philip Whitmore
  • Music – AKM copyright Free Music

This story was originally called “TRIPODS”.

This story, obviously was based on the Tripods from “War of The Worlds”.

They got wiped out by the cold virus.

The solution to getting rid of these Tripods (in Mr Custa) is just as simple: water! Because these Tripods are just giant metal robots.

And they can rust and fall to bits.

Well, it made sense when I wrote it!

Nothing more to say about this story, apart from it took ages to create the radio sound-scapes of the vision of hundreds of giant Tripods invading, and shooting & blowing things up.