Mr Custa and The Invasion of The Marigold Men – Comic Book

FRONT COVER – Click to enlarge
  • Writers – Phil Whitmore and Mathew Cobb
  • Artists – Mychailo Kazybrid and Bambos Georgiou
  • Letterer – Mathew Cobb
  • Cover Artists – Mychailo Kazybrid and John Burns
  • Special Thanks to 101.8 WCR FM for broadcasting the original radio series
  • Copyright 2012 P.A.Whitmore & Mathew Cobb

MR CUSTA: The intergalactic Rock Star and Kicker of Alien Butts is back for more!

Meet the heroes! Custard-yellow-haired, massive shoulder-padded, booted and space suited MR CUSTA and his three equally-as-alien assistants…

SIA: a crazy, kooky, tribal, green-skinned lizard girl, in a skimpy dress.

BROK: a big, bulky cowardly rhino man, who is somehow a qualified space pilot.

and FLY: a talking fly with a sarcastic wit.

But of course, what are our heroes if it weren’t for the villains? And here they are!

EVILONE: (pronounced Evil-O-Knee) is from the order of short, mad Muhaha-ing monks that waged war on space many moons ago.

RED: Was originally human but got turned into an “overgrown scarlet cry-baby” monster by Evilone when he broke into Evilone’s castle to steal stuff.

THE MARIGOLD MEN: Six foot soldiers with tea cosies on their heads. They kill with their deadly yellow rubber-gloved hands, or failing that, with guns.

FASCINATING FACT / EASTER EGG: This comic book was seen on television across the Midlands during late 2015, when it featured in the opening titles of “The Big Centre Magazine”, presented by Lee Bannister (hunt down the video on his website and you might win a bag of fresh air!)


This story was originally intended to be shot as a 15 minute short amateur video, to serve as a “pilot” to pitch a live-action TV series. 

The original script, which I wrote, had ridiculously over-stylised dialogue that was too self-aware.

Co-writer Mathew Cobb came on board, and rewrote the script, and consequently (more than) doubling its length to a story that,( if it had been filmed) would have been 35 minutes.

However, “creative differences” with other members of the crew meant that this story was never filmed, and so I decided to adapt it for comic book.

Again, the story was simple.

Custa must use his wits, brain & cunning to stop an invasion.

We also introduced the soon-to be regular villains, Evilone & Red.

Red has an interesting back-story.

The comic was drawn by Mychailo Kazybrid & Bambos Georgiou, with a “Custarrific” cover by Mychailo & John Burns.