Never a White Christmas – A Captain Dad Play

“Never a White Christmas”
A Captain Dad Play –
Written by Phil Whitmore & Phil Jacobs
Directed by Jill Downing

When Captain Dad’s space ship is hit by a time storm, fellow space-traveller Mr Custa arrives to take control. The evil Dr Sunglasses has stolen all the world’s snow. Together, Dad and Custa must find a way to get it back, so that Earth can have a white Christmas once again.

Recorded as part of “Sitcom Saturday” on Saturday 5th December 2009.


  • Mr Custa: Kevin Golding
  • Captain Dad: Andrew William Robb
  • Shipcom / Dr Sunglasses: A-J (Adrian-Jon Barry)
  • Kris: Amy Dawson
  • Moss: Wesley Magee

This was the stage play I wrote for “RealDeal theatre” way back in 2009.

As part of a series of stage shows called “SITCOM SATURDAY”, staged in the Westminster Reference Library in London.

Now, I had already written two short sitcom plays for “Sitcom Saturday” in 2009.

“Praze & Beeble” which was a a horror comedy.

And its direct sequel “The Sun Never Shines on TV”.

In early December 2009, I contacted fellow Sitcom writer Phil Jacobs, if he was interested in submitting an entry for Sitcom Saturday’s Christmas show.

Phil Jacobs was interested, but wasn’t sure that we could write a 15 minute script in under a week.

Luckily, we were able to, thanks to Phil starting off the script, and editing it down as we was writing it.

It was my idea to do a “cross-over” with Mr Custa, & Phil Jacobs’s own “Captain Dad” character, that had been previously seen in “Space Family Robinson” in January’s Sitcom Saturday show.

I was told the only reason this show was staged was because they really wanted to work with Phil Jacobs again.

I’d already had two shots with RealDeal theatre, so I was really lucky to get a third go.

Shortly afterwards, “Praze & Beeble” was staged another eight times or so, and I also wrote the “Popcorn Saturday” play called “Film Fun”.