20 Mr Custa and Something In The Airwaves

It’s been ages since the last really exciting adventure. Mr Custa is trying to cook, Sia yearns to play with her hunting knives, Brok is Brok and Fly is Fly. Then the master hypnotist Berren Drown and Jazz Hands fly the crew to Wolverhampton and plot to turn the whole city into a musical panto…

Mr.Custa and Something In The Airwaves

Story 20Produced 2012, Broadcast 2020


  • Mr. Custa – Mathew Cobb
  • Sia – Sara Beamish
  • Brok – Aaron Nicholas-Wood
  • Fly / Berren Down – Philip Whitmore
  • Jazz Hands – Lee Bannister
  • Announcer – Lee Bannister
  • Mr. Custa Theme – Michael Skywood Clifford
  • Writer – Sara Beamish
  • Creator and Producer – Philip Whitmore
  • Director – Philip Whitmore
  • Music – AKM copyright Free Music

Sara (Sia) Beamish’s story!

I SO loved this one, and I’m glad that it was finally “officially” broadcast on Cannock Chase Radio in 2020.

She clearly knew the characters very well, more than me (the original creator) and I remember that she had originally written this story, but due to a corrupted memory stick, it had to be re-written again, possibly from memory.

I also like the fact that the series ends, not with the world ending or a character dying, but with business as usual- Mr Custa’s awful singing.