16. Mr Custa – Stars In Space

It’s time for another journey into space! This time Mr Custa must pit his wits against the sinister Praying Mantis, who longs to steal all the stars in space, just so that she can look at them, and admire them. However, a horrible fate is in store for Sia, and Mr Custa must save her AND put the stars back whilst trying to stay alive…

Mr.Custa - Stars In Space

Story 16Produced 2012


  • Mr. Custa – Mathew Cobb
  • Sia – Sara Beamish
  • Brok – Aaron Nicholas-Wood
  • Fly – Philip Whitmore
  • Praying Mantis – Felicity Mayor
  • Announcer – Lee Bannister
  • Mr. Custa Theme – Michael Skywood Clifford
  • Writer – Philip Whitmore
  • Creator and Producer – Philip Whitmore
  • Director – Philip Whitmore
  • Music – AKM copyright Free Music

This story was originally called “THE GLASSHOPPER” or “PRAYING MANTIS”, which are the titles of the first two episodes in this story.

By this point in the series, poor Sia had got thoroughly p*ssed off with being kidnapped all the time, and refuses to go with Mr Custa on this next mission.

Although she changes her mind, and does go.

After six months of buzzing about in deep space, they chance upon the Glasshopper (a space-hopping space station made out of glass).

Bizarrely, Mr Custa doesn’t know how to pilot the Supervac, and seems to need the Praying Mantis’s help.

Also, Mr Custa cannot open the airlock, without help (because… spoilers!)